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About Graph Opus

Graph Opus, aka GO, is a procedure that facilitates an analyst reducing a dramatic work to a sequence of weighted events; GO uses the running total to create a graph, the peak of the graph is the climax of the play, lesser peaks are anticlimaxes.

Graph Opus Statistical Event List for Shakespeare's Measure for Measure

Negative weight. The event reduces the tension of the dramatic work, the protagonist experiences a negative event; music slows, softens.

Positive weight. The event heightens the tension, is positive for the protagonist; music is played faster, creshendos.

Graph of Rising and Falling Action in Shakespeare's Macbeth

From this, Graph Opus identifies the climax event.

Try Graph Opus to find the climax of Macbeth or any one of Shakespeare’s plays!

1949, Saint Rita High School, Chicago, IL. Thomas M. Lahey learned how to determine the climax of a dramatic work by following an analytic procedure that resulted in a graph of the work.  Tom and his fellow (all boys high school) classmates analyzed Macbeth during the winter semester of his senior year. Their teacher, Fr. Albert A. Durant, was an Augustinian priest.

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